How To Prepare for this year’s eCommerce Summit

The 2021 edition of the South West Regional eCommerce Summit and Expo will be the first edition we will be having since the 2019 edition. You will recall that the 2020 version of the summit couldn't happen because of the pandemic that led to a nation wide lockdown. However just one year after the first discovery we will be meeting at the Nustream Conference Center for this year's edition. Here are some things you might need to know if you intend to attend this year's edition.

Covid-19 Protocol 
Every covid 19 protocol instituted by the presidential task force on the pandemic must be adhered to. Prepare to uncompromisingly adhere to every guideline. Your safety is of topmost importance to us. You must have your facemasks and must be willing to wash your hands at the point of entry and follow every protocol put in place. You must understand the importance of social distancing and must be willing to adhere to it. Please understand that without facemasks and a complete adherenace to every necessary protocol put in place you will not be allowed into the premises. 

Come Prepared 
If you really want to get anything out of this year's edition of the summit then you have to come prepared; properly understand your business, it's nitch and competitions, properly understand your competitors and the environment it's physically located. Come with all the right information about the current health status of your business and also have questions prepared to ask at the conference. This year's conference is aimed at getting distressed businesses back to life. It won't make any sense if you don't know what the actual problems your business is dealing with.  

Accommodation, Transportation and Feeding
If you don't stay within the Ibadan area or do not have accommodation close to the venue of this year's event please feel free to contact the planning committee for possible arrangements within and with partner hotels. You can reachout through whatsapp on +2347037325246, on social media through our handle @summitexpong through our email and online at

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