Covid-19 Safety Protocols to expect at the Conference

It's not news that we're just getting into the omega phase of the pandemic and the world economy is still trying to recover, however, experts insist that if this fight against the pandemic must be won we shouldn't relent on adhering to safety protocols. For this reason, at the conference this year, the below will be prevalent. 

Online Booking and E-ticketing and Contactless Payment 
For this year's edition of the conference we will be having bookings online. We're trying as much as possible to eliminate unnecessary human contacting. 

Social Distancing 
Social distancing will be strictly adhered to, both outside the conference hall and within the conference venue. Research has found that spit carrying the virus can travel a measure of distance and infect whatever surface it lands on; for this reason we will have personnel insisting on social distancing at every point in time at the conference. 

Distanced Sitting 
Within the venue of the conference, distanced or spaced sitting will be implemented. This is not just because the international community and thought leaders and researchers have noted this to be a very potent way to fight against the virus, but because the presidential directive insists that every indoor gathering must adhere to this protocol. 

Face Covering 
Face covering with face mask is a must. You will not be allowed into the premises of the conference if you do not have your face with approved facemask brands. 

Hand Hygiene 
The venue of the conference has already implemented hand washing at all its entrances. Hand washing with soap and clean water at the conference venue is a compulsory sight you might want to get used to. 

Increased cleaning 
Because of the increased volume of people that will be at the venue of the conference the vicinity will at that period have increased cleaning activities, during and within break periods, to ensure that surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected at all times. Your safety matters the most. 

Safety Screening 
Because there is a relationship between body wellness and the virus we will be conducting regular safety screening at the entrance to the venue and intermittently during the event. We will be checking your body temperature amongst other medically approved procedures.  

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